Benefits Of Steel

Steel is a superior building material with the future in mind. Apart from allowing green construction practices, building with light steel frames is faster, predictable, more precise and more cost-effective.



  • International Product of World Class Standards
  • 50 years material Warranty • Factory precision
  • Consistent Material Quality – no Regional variations
  • Produced in Strict Accordance with national Standards • Straight Walls & Square Corners Guaranteed


  • Stronger than Brick & mortar
  • highest Strength-to-Weight ratio of any Building material
  • 600 year Durability
  • Dimensionally Stable – Does not Expand/Contract with moisture content

Cost Effective

  • Material price Stability – Price Spikes Extremely Rare
  • Limited Wastage – Only 2% On-Site Wastage (Conventional building Methods: 30%)
  • Lower transport Cost


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Green product / Building methods & Processes
  • 100% recyclable
  • Most recyclable product on the Planet – 68% industry Recycling
  • Rate • 80% reduced Carbon Footprint


Non Organic

  • Inorganic: will not rot, swell, warp, split, crack, creep or rust • Invulnerable to
  • Termites, fungi, mould and other organisms
  • Incombustible: does not burn and does not contribute fuel to spread fires
  • Free of resin adhesives and other chemicals
  • No cracks or structural failures
  • Ventilation on moisture rising
  • Superior thermal and acoustic insulation: 1500% better than brick • Not affected by weather conditions


  • Flexible application: Any shape and design
  • Architecturally attractive
  • Designed to architect specifications and engineering standards
  • Reduced foundation footings and base plate sizes
  • Reduced foundation requirements: 10x lighter structure
  • Less probability of weather/wind/earthquake damage


  • Superior building accuracy
  • Quick assembly: 50% faster than brick building
  • Shorter and predictable construction schedules
  • Easier plumbing and electrical installation
  • Better utilisation of sloping sites • Less weight impact
  • Clean, safe and tidy building site

Client Satisfaction

  • Earlier occupation for customers: earning additional rental income and reduced interest period on bond accounts
  • 4% more let able rental area: internal space increase
  • Up to 40% saving on electricity due to superior insulation
  • Two hour fire walls